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Director Kevin Smith Continues Support for Independent Film

31 Jul, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

A few select retailers and attendees got the chance to rub shoulders at the show with Clerks director Kevin Smith and indie film proponent and producer John Pierson.

Both were on hand at an invitation-only reception in the Ventura suite to promote independent film producer/distributor IndieDVD's upcoming release, The Best of Split Screen. The two-DVD set featuring highlights from the Independent Film Channel series “Split Screen,” a magazine-format show on indie filmmaking that ran for four years, including footage featuring the likes of Christopher Walken attempting a cooking show.

“We know the show wouldn't have lasted nearly as long if Kevin hadn't kept showing up to do episodes every year,” Pierson said.

Smith quipped: “Yeah, basically it's watching the evolution of my weight gain.”

The Mallrats director, beloved for his repeated portrayal of the philosophically mute character Silent Bob, has long been a favorite of video retailers, and Smith greeted everyone Tuesday with his signature wit and easy humor, signing autographs and chatting a bit before giving what he called “the hard sell” on the Split Screen release.

Attending retailers were delighted. “This is great,” said first-time attendee Andrew Keilman of Video Escapades. “It's really swank.”

“There's this guy I know, that I work with sometimes, you may have heard of him, his name's Ben Affleck,” Smith joked. “He's going to marry this girl, you probably don't know her, but if you buy big on Split Screen, I can talk him into doing the wedding in your store.”

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