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Director Details <I>Most Wanted</I> Deleted Scenes

31 Aug, 2003 By: Fred Topel

Malibu's Most Wanted was a short film, with a run time of about 80 minutes. When the film premieres on DVD Sept. 9 from Warner Home Video, viewers will be able to see 11 additional scenes that director John Whitesell removed from the first cut of the film.

The film, which earned $34.3 million at the box office, stars Jamie Kennedy as B-Rad, a middle-class kid from Malibu, Calif., who acts like a “gangsta” rapper. To scare him straight, his father hires two actors (Anthony Anderson and Taye Diggs) to kidnap him and take him through the streets of South Central Los Angeles. On the way, he has many adventures, but never succeeds as a rapper. One of the deleted scenes will show B-Rad's fantasy of acceptance in the rap community.

“It's a fantasy that's called ‘B-Rad's All Right,’ Whitesell said. “He is accepted in the black community as one of them. It's this elaborate park setting where Isaac Hayes is in it. He jumps rope and there's a hip-hop car and there's barbecuing, and Big Boy comes out of the tunnel and offers him a recording contract. That whole sequence is on the DVD.”

The scene would come after a drug-induced encounter between B-Rad and a talking rat, voiced by Snoop Dogg. In the film, after Shondra (Regina Hall) reveals to B-Rad that his “kidnapping” was a setup, he speaks to the rat and then acts recklessly as if he cannot be harmed, since the whole kidnapping was a sham. At that stage in the film, Whitesell did not feel the fantasy sequence would have forwarded the story.

“We found out that after that scene with Regina, everything was OK for him. He really didn't have those big problems, and it didn't inform the moment where he realizes they've been playing him,” he said. “It didn't help us move the story along, but it was one of those scenes that we thought when we wrote it that it was a great idea. But when we actually played it in front of an audience, there was no reason for it to be in the movie. It felt like it slowed the movie down, so we removed that.”

Other deleted scenes include additional rap sequences where B-Rad challenges African-American rappers in a club and loses. There is also an earlier scene between B-Rad and his mother, played by Bo Derek. But Whitesell said that scene covered the same ground as a scene where B-Rad's maid, Gladys (Niecy Nash), tells him it's OK to be different.

“There's a scene with Bo Derek and Jamie that's very similar to the Gladys scene and they went right next to each other, and it kind of slowed the movie down in the most plot-heavy place,” he said. “So that will be on the DVD.”

Another deleted scene features B-Rad's friend Hadji, another Malibu kid who is part of B-Rad's “posse.” “There's a scene where Hadji's so freaked out because he's had 12 cappuccinos,” Whitesell said.

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