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Digimarc In License Deal With Piracy Tracking Startup

22 Jul, 2002 By: Hive News

Digimarc Corp. today announced a multiyear licensing agreement with Activated Content Corp., an emerging digital technology and application services company developing tracking, antipiracy and other support solutions for the music industry based on its proprietary audio watermark technologies.

"Activated Content was established to support the entertainment industry's migration to digital distribution, and is now partnering with leaders in the industry to create new online models that protect and grow revenues,” said Stuart Rosove, CEO, Activated Content Corp. “Our relationship with Digimarc, the leader in digital watermarking technology, enhances Activated Content's position by allowing us to blend our highly advanced and best of breed audio watermark technology with their expertise and intellectual property.”

Under the nonexclusive agreement, Activated Content will license Digimarc audio watermarking patents to develop and market applications that can be integrated with the music industry's existing production infrastructure and can enable forensic tracking and enhancement of prereleased music content.

Increasingly, prerelease copies of music distributed by record companies for promotional purposes are finding their way onto file sharing networks or other parts of the Internet. The Activated Content solution is designed to help record companies identify and track leaks of promotional music by embedding a digital watermark into the audio content as a forensic identifier, as well as link audio content to the most up-to-date promotional material for the authorized recipient.

"The unauthorized distribution and use of valuable content before official release is a major issue facing the entertainment industry today, and one that digital watermarking can help solve," said Reed Stager, VP and general manager, Digimarc Global Licensing. "We are very pleased that Digimarc's audio watermarking patents will help Activated Content provide the music industry a useful forensic tracking application to help address this problem, and we look forward to working with this emerging company on future technology solutions for the entertainment market."

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