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Digimarc Donates Technology to Watchdogs

22 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

Digimarc Corp. has partnered with Internet filtering service Net Nanny and RuleSpace, a provider of Web content recognition technology, to use Digimarc's patented technology to strengthen the ability of web crawlers and content filters to recognize digital flags signifying specific adult content.

The alliance is based on a program called “Protecting Kids with Digimarc,” which was announced last fall in conjunction with the Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) launch of its North American Campaign to Protect Children Online.

“As a group dedicated to educating the public and policymakers about global Internet issues, we are pleased to see Digimarc and other world leading technology companies and nonprofit organizations coming together to find innovative and effective solutions to help make the Internet safer for children,” said Tim Lordan, Internet Education Foundation. “The ‘Protecting Kids with Digimarc' program is an ideal example that illustrates that we can all work together in providing parents and children a more secure Internet experience.”

The initial launch of Digimarc's program last fall enabled content providers to register for a free “Protecting Kids with Digimarc” subscription on the ICRA web site. These watermarking subscriptions allow webmasters to embed imperceptible code into digital images to flag the images as containing adult content. The digital “flag” stays with the image as it is copied, allowing the flag to travel with the image to other Internet destinations such as e-mail, newsgroup and web sites and enabling the image to be identified and managed as it is used online. The digital flag or watermark is voluntarily embedded by content providers.

“By reaching out and donating its technology, Digimarc is giving the community a valuable tool that can be utilized by both families and content providers who are interested in improved content recognition and self-regulation methods,” said Gordon Ross, CEO of Net Nanny.

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