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DIC, Toys'R'Us To Create Original Show

16 Aug, 2002 By: Hive News

DIC Entertainment is forging a retail partnership in the licensing and children's entertainment business with Toys"R"Us, the companies have announced.

Under the agreement, Toys"R"Us will develop a complete line of "Liberty's Kids" branded merchandise and will be directly responsible for the development and manufacturing of toys, school supplies, accessories, party goods and girls and boys apparel over a three-year period.

"Liberty's Kids," an animated daily television series that tells the adventures of the American Revolution through the eyes of two teenagers who work in Benjamin Franklin's print shop, will make its debut on PBS Kids Sept. 2, with products slated to launch early next spring.

"In today's cluttered world of licensing and retailing, it is important to position `Liberty's Kids' as a brand in the minds of consumers," said Andy Heyward, chairman and CEO of DIC Entertainment. "To our knowledge it is the first time a major retailer of this prominence has codeveloped products for a children's entertainment property. [Los Angeles-based licensing and brand managementcompany] Cherokee did a great job partnering us, and we are delighted and honored to be associated with Toys"R"Us on this precedent-setting initiative."

The series aims to introduce our country's heroes and stories to a new generation of young Americans.

"We are excited to partner with such an important program as `Liberty's Kids' at a time when America truly values the freedoms we have fought for," stated Toys"R"Us U.S. president Greg Staley. "Toys”R"Us is committed to developing this brand into a meaningful line of fun and interesting merchandise that captures the true spirit of America's youth. We offer our customers unique products they can't find anywhere else. We think `Liberty's Kids' fits in with our exclusive lines of products that excite our in-store guests."

Journalist Walter Cronkite as Benjamin Franklin and Warren Buffet as James Madison lead the all-star cast, who portray the roles of the leading figures of the Revolutionary period. Among them are Arnold Schwarzenegger (Baron von Steuben), Sylvester Stallone (Paul Revere), Michael Douglas (Patrick Henry), Dustin Hoffman (Benedict Arnold), Whoopi Goldberg (Deborah Samson), Annette Bening (Abigail Adams), Aaron Carter performing the title song, Billy Crystal (John Adams), Liam Neeson (John Paul Jones), Maria Shriver (Peggy Shippen), Ben Stiller (Thomas Jefferson), Michael York (Admiral Lord Howe), General Norman Schwarzkopf (George Rogers Clark) and others.

"DIC Entertainment's commitment to excellence with their `Liberty's Kids' property, coupled with the strong merchandising and marketing expertise of Toys"R"Us, is a sure formula for success," says Robert Margolis, chairman and CEO of Cherokee, Inc. "We are proud to have created this partnership."

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