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Device Supersizes Digital Storage

20 Mar, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Digital media early adopters, who were first in line to acquire DVD and high-definition TV, can now replicate the distinction of storing their digital content, including music and photos, in a single device without compression.

Created and marketed by Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Molino Networks, the namesake Molino Media Mogul ($1,000) can apparently store up to 50 DVDs; a Mogul TB ($3,000) offers a terabyte of capacity, good for up to 200 DVDs or 2,000 CDs.

“It allows users to interact with their digital media when, where and how they want to,” said Molino spokesperson Amy Love.

Both devices attach to most home entertainment devices, including PCs, through a variety of ports such as wireless, S-Video, USB, FireWire, composite and related components. Users can repurpose their content into personal play lists, slide shows and movies.

“The device brings excitement back into the marketplace,” said Love, who added that less-expensive editions of the Moguls would be available in the future as the technology grows the market.

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