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Device Enlarges PSP Screen

11 Jan, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Electronic accessories manufacturer Digital Innovations is touting a new offering that will let PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners translate their handheld games or Universal Media Disc (UMD) movies to a bigger screen.

The company's GameDR ScreenMax Video Transmission System is slightly larger than a computer mouse and fits over the screen of a PSP. The device's digital camera then transmits the image on the PSP screen to a TV set or monitor connected via a four-foot cable. Another cable hooks into the PSP headphone jack and transfers the sound to the TV or monitor speakers.

The new product retails at $69.99 and beginning in February will be available at retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, Fry's Electronics and on the company Web site www.digitalinnovations.com.

Digital Innovations most popular product is its optical disc repair machine, the SkipDR.

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