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Developer Touts New Approach to Copy Protection Software

18 Nov, 2002 By: Hive News

Stealth MediaLabs, Inc. plans to unveil a new Microsoft-compatible technology jointly developed with university researchers to prevent unlicensed digital duplication of music and movies, the company announced today.

"Our technology encourages the widest possible proliferation of properly licensed copying" said Howard Leventhal, CEO of Stealth MediaLabs and moderator at the Comdex Show conference Music and Movie Copying Problem Solved. "Others attempt to prevent consumer copying through technological means. Anybody understanding human nature knows that the more people are told they can't do something, the harder they'll try. Our StealthChannel encoding lets consumers make all the copies they want, for their personal use, in any way they see fit, in an unrestricted way, provided they keep the copies to themselves.”

Compatible with software media players from Microsoft and others, StealthChannel encoders and decoders are under development for every popular audio and audio/video format, including retail music CDs and movie DVDs, terrestrial and satellite analog and digitally broadcast programming, Leventhal said.

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