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Deluxe Adds DVD 14/18 Capacity

5 Mar, 2003 By: Hive News

Entertainment technology and media services firm Deluxe today announced the addition of DVD 14/18 manufacturing capabilities to its flagship facility in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The capability of manufacturing DVD 14/18 will let the company offer studios and content holders new opportunities to add content, multiple aspect ratios, and other features available on larger-capacity DVD formats. The installation is expected to be completed by July, on the heels of recent upgrades made to the facility.

"We're investing in DVD 14/18 because we see great potential in the format," said Peter Pacitti, president and CEO. "Deluxe believes in being ahead of the curve so that we can support our growing customer base and prepare for the increased demand in longer-playing DVDs. Our customers will dictate the application of DVD 14/18 and, as their trusted service provider, we must be prepared to help them actualize the potential of increased disc capacity."

DVD-14 and DVD-18 are higher-capacity discs. DVD-14 has a capacity of 13 gigabytes and is essentially a two-sided disc, with the ‘A'-side a DVD-9 and ‘B'-side a DVD-5.

DVD-18 yields a capacity of 17.1 gigabytes by combining two DVD-9 discs into a two-sided, two-layered arrangement. It delivers eight hours of feature film-quality audio and video material per disc, giving content providers significantly more capacity per disc. Potential benefits include offering 4:3 and 16:9 versions of a title on the same disc, higher bit rates for long-playing content, extra storage space for special features, and in many cases the elimination of the need for a second disc. All these features on both DVD-14 and DVD-18 are compatible with all existing DVD players.

In addition to the DVD 14/18 capacity installation at the Little Rock facility, Deluxe also has 14/18 capacity with its optical media partner U-Tech, based in Taiwan. Deluxe is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rank Group.

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