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Delivering UMD Content on a Silver Platter

10 Jan, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

A new company is tapping into the Universal Media Disc (UMD) market.

Silver Platter, an independent label focused solely on acquiring and prepping content for the PlayStation Portable minidisc format, is releasing its first round of titles to UMD.

The label bowed its first UMD discs in December with three action sports titles — The Community Project Show, Teddybear Crisis and The DC Video — all of which include compilations of snowboarding and skating footage.

The company's focus is releasing content for PSP consumers and presenting it in quick, exciting segments, said David Cohen, VP of acquisitions.

“We're the label that knows what works and looks good on UMD video — what the stuff is that's better to watch on a small screen,” Cohen said.

Silver Platter licenses content from independent film producers and content owners and then does all the authoring, coding, menu and packaging design in-house. Silver Platter has teamed with Image Entertainment for distribution into traditional retail accounts. The company also is focusing on getting product into skate, ski, snow, auto and specialty shops through Allied Distribution.

The market for non-game UMD is relatively untapped, Cohen said. It's about figuring out what the PSP owner would like to watch, other than movies. Silver Platter's short bursts of content and the snappily designed menus will tap into a viewing need, he said.

A line of urban-themed titles and a program about graffiti artists are tentatively scheduled for March, Cohen said.

“We're also working on exclusives — straight-to-UMD titles — which is where I think the market needs to go,” he said. “We want to set the example that shows that the consumer out there is looking for a little more than just the same thing that's on DVD.”

Silver Platter is offering teasers of content on its Web site, www.umdlabs.com, with a selection of free downloads for the PSP.

All Silver Platter UMD releases also include playable PSP game demos from publishers such as Electronic Arts. The company plans to add as many trailers and quick content bites as possible on future releases.

“You can fit a ton of video on UMD,” Cohen said. “It can hold four hours of video, and we like to stuff it as much as possible — anything to fill it up, anything you can view that looks cool.”

To market the company, Silver Platter street teams will hit the ground in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. The company will sponsor events at ski, snowboarding and skate events, offer contests on its Web site and use blogging to promote releases and engage the online consumer.

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