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DEG Study: DVD Hot for the Holidays

17 Nov, 2005 By: Kurt Indvik

DVDs are still the hot holiday gift item among a majority of DVD households, with a surprising appetite for classic movies, Music DVD and, not so surprising, TV DVD.

Those were just some of the findings from a recent consumer study of 1,000 DVD households undertaken for DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group by research firm Centris/ICR.

DVD movies are a favorite gift item with more than half of DVD households, and among respondents age 18 – 34, 63 percent said they'd be excited to receive a DVD movie this season.

Two-thirds of consumers said they watch classic movies most often when not watching new theatrical releases on DVD. About one third of respondents said they'd be excited to receive a music DVD as a holiday gift, with the 35–44 year-olds the most excited, at 40 percent.

Forty percent of 18–34 year-olds said they'd be excited to get a TV DVD for the holidays. About a third of all respondents looked forward to getting a TV DVD.

The study also found that consumers are spreading out all over the home (and outside the home) to watch their DVDs. About three-fourths of consumers are watching their DVDs in places other than the living room, including the den, home office and bedrooms. The study found that 16 percent of consumers are watching DVDs on portable players and laptops outside of the home.

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