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DEG: DVD Sales Grew by a Third in 2004

6 Jan, 2005 By: Stephanie Prange

DVD retail sales grew 33 percent in 2004, to $15.5 billion, according to data from DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group.

Including DVD rentals ($5.7 billion) and VHS sales and rentals, consumers spent $24.5 billion renting and buying videos in 2004, up 9 percent from the year before, according to DEG data released today.

The holidays were particularly jolly for the DVD business. Fourth-quarter DVD software shipments grew 39 percent from 2003 to nearly 530 million units. More than 1.5 billion DVD units shipped in 2004, bringing the total number of units shipped since the inception of the format to more than 3.9 billion discs. There are 29,000 DVD titles available.

DVD is in more than 70 million homes (adjusted for households with more than one player), according to figures compiled by DEG. Adding in DVD-ROM drives and DVD-enabled video game consoles, the format is in an estimated 79 million — or nearly three-fourths – of U.S. households.

Approximately 45 percent of DVD owners have more than one player, according to DEG data.

Retailers sold more than 37 million DVD players to U.S. consumers in 2004, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. More than 17 million DVD players were sold in the fourth quarter alone.

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