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Dead Men May Tell Tales

7 Jul, 2006 By: Fred Topel

Director Gore Verbinski is so busy shooting two sequels back to back for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, he hasn't had much time to plan DVDs. But as Verbinski finished the first sequel, Dead Man's Chest — which hit theaters this past weekend — producer Jerry Bruckheimer said more footage of a dice game with ghosts may end up on the DVD.

Visual effects already have been completed on the additional footage of the contest between Will (Orlando Bloom) and the ghosts of cursed pirates.

“There aren't really whole scenes that were omitted, but there are a lot of pieces of scenes and more information about characters,” Verbinski said.

“[There is] some wonderful stuff on Cannibal Island with Johnny [Depp], some very funny things that you just couldn't put in,” Bruckheimer added.

Writer Ted Elliot said filmmakers shot a scene featuring Jack Davenport as Commodore Norrington at the end of the movie, but since it contained information more relevant to the third film, it was omitted from the second.

“It's all theory until you've got it in front of the audience,” Elliot said. “When we were actually looking at the movie, we didn't need that information in this movie.”

Bruckheimer suspects the DVD for Dead Man's Chest could include a trailer for the third “Pirates” film, though Verbinski is unsure he will have enough material completed in time.

“I don't know if we're going to have enough shots or the visual effects completed,” he said. “These DVDs come out so fast now.”

The one thing that is certain is there will be plenty of behind-the-scenes material for documentaries and featurettes.

“We had a guy there most of the time,” Bruckheimer said. “I think we gave the assistant cameramen some video cameras or digital cameras, so there's a lot of material available. There was a documentarian that was following Gore around during the pre-production and the script phase of it, which has got some wonderful stuff. And information on decisions that were made on building the ships, not building the ships, where to build things, what to do, the twists and turns in the script [are available].”

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