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Danish Ripping Web Site Emerges

12 Jul, 2005 By: Holly J. Wagner

Just a week after a U.K. Web site was forced to take down its DVD Decrypter, a Danish site popped up with instructions to rip not only the feature, but also the bonus materials from DVDs.

“For me, DVD revolutionized the way, the quality and the features of enjoying a good movie,” wrote the site host, identified only as Splinter. “Unfortunately, the DVD also had some negative sides to it. The DVDs available everywhere (or only in the United States) were not available, or only months or a year later in my country. Unacceptable!”

Splinter offers free downloads of his ratDVD format and has made it compatible with 10 different computer-based media players, including Microsoft's Windows Media Player.

Unlike other ripping schemes, ratDVD lets the ripper preserve the menu interface, commentary tracks and other bonus materials. It also lets users convert their ratDVD files back to a standard DVD format that can be burned to discs.

Users first download ratDVD. Then when downloading the DVD content, they can choose to preserve the features they want and leave off the rest. The system even lets users preview the tracks to decide what to keep, and adjusts the navigation of the final result to skip over tracks that are left off.

The site also advertises what appears to be a feature that thwarts “spoofing,” or flooding file-trading sites with bogus files under the title of the movie the user is trying to apprehend.

“No more ‘broken streams,’ the site said. “Every sharing software can validate the ratDVD file to be valid.”

The site does note that “CSS-encrypted DVDs are not supported,” however. Hackers cracked the Content Scramble System years ago and still make decrypters available on the Web.

RatDVD even offers logo merchandise, available at cafepress.com.

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