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Criminy, That's a Lot of Criterion!

23 Nov, 2004 By: Brendan Howard

Amazon.com has an exclusive for the nerdy, arthouse film lover in every family: the 241-title, 282-DVD The Criterion Collection Holiday 2004 Gift Set.

The collection includes every published DVD through October from Criterion, minus the out-of-print editions, and sells for $4,999 (33 percent off the given $7,500 SRP). Amazon.com's free “Super Saver Shipping” can apply to the set as well.

Amazon.com reviewers who sounded off on the item online were generally titillated by the chance to get such a comprehensive set of the Criterion editions, generally regarded as some of the best editions of classic films from around the world.

“Worth it if you have the cash to burn and have broad tastes. Otherwise, just get the titles that interest you,” wrote “Kort Kramer.”

“If there's a title you're not interested in, sell it or give it as a gift,” wrote “Smell the coffee.”

“$5K is a waaay-outta here price for most consumers except crazy film buffs (like me) who are also extremely wealthy (not me, sigh),” wrote “Ed N Ed.” “But the value ($17.70 per disc … or $20.70 per title) is quite good for Criterion discs.”

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