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Cordero's Acclaimed 'Cronicas' Comes to DVD

5 Oct, 2005 By: Angelique Flores

Ecuador may not be known for its cinema, but that hasn't stopped filmmaker Sebastián Cordero from catching attention from critics with Cr?nicas.

The film streets Nov. 8 from Palm Pictures. Extras on the DVD include an alternate ending, director's commentary, a making-of featurette, a recording session for the song “Soledad,” deleted scenes and a still photo gallery.

It drew $286,000 at the box office in limited release and won awards at several festivals around the world. Produced by Alfonso Cuar?n (Y Tu Mamá Tambi?n) and Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy), the film stars John Leguizamo, Leonor Watling (La Mala Educaci?n), Damián Alcazar (El Crimen del Padre Amaro) and Alfred Molina.

Cr?nicas tells the story of Manolo (Leguizamo), a star journalist for a sensationalistic Miami news show, who heads to Ecuador to cover the story of a serial killer preying on children. His personal ambition conflicts with his sense of morality, resulting in tragic consequences.

Colombian-born Leguizamo garnered attention with Cr?nicas for his first Spanish-speaking role.

“I've loved John as an actor ever since I first saw him,” writer-director Cordero said. “I remember seeing him in Hanging With the Homeboys.

Cordero specifically wanted Leguizamo for the role because the actor usually is associated with light, comedic characters. He didn't want the conflicted character of Manolo to seem like a complete villain.“Most characters aren't either [all] good or bad,” Cordero said, describing his film as “a study of human beings going through moral dilemma.”

Cordero researched the three real cases of serial killers in Ecuador and Colombia on which he based his movie.

“There's duality within the real men,” said Cordero, who wanted to make the characters just as complex.

Though only his second film, the filmmaker first caught the attention of critics and cinephiles with his Ratas, Ratones, Rateros (1999), which was nominated for numerous international awards.

Right now, Cordero is writing his next screenplay at home in Quito.

“I'm happy with the way things are going now,” he said.

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