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'Cops' Celebrates 20 Years With DVD

27 Feb, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

It was 1981, and John Langley was filming a police ride-along during a drug bust, for a documentary film called Cocaine Blues.

“I said to myself ‘My God, this is a rush,’ he said. “That was the genesis for ‘Cops.' Of course, it was hard to sell at first.”

A new network, Fox, took a chance, and 20 seasons later, the show is still a hit, with millions of fans and one of the more iconic opening theme songs in TV.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show with a two-DVD collection (released Feb. 19), packed with six hours of the show, including commentaries, an unaired episode, a series of parodies and tributes to the reality show, a “Fans Favorites” offering, several featurettes, highlights of the show broken down by decade, and more.

“It's chock-full of the best-of episodes,” Langley said. “It's an extremely entertaining DVD, if I do say so myself.”

Langley didn't rest on his laurels after “Cops” took off; he went on to make other TV shows such as “Anatomy of a Crime,” “Video Justice” and “Jail.” But working on this DVD set for his No. 1 show could hardly be called work.

“This ‘Cops' DVD is sort of the definitive edition,” he said. “It offers our fan base over six hours of entertainment, and it definitely exceeds my expectations.”

Langley admits to being “a little surprised, and very pleased,” that the show became as popular as it did. And it remains popular to this day, as Fox has agreed to pick it up for a 21st season.

“As long as there's crime, there's gonna be ‘Cops',” Langley said.

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