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Convex Group Buys Flexplay, Plans First ‘Trimultaneous' Release With Disposable Format

18 Oct, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

Flexplay, the company behind Buena Vista Home Entertainment's expiring EZ-D discs, has been sold to the Convex Group, a media and entertainment holding company that also owns LidRock and HowStuffWorks.

Convex plans a “trimultaneous” release of Noel — the first original film to get national release in the Flexplay format — concurrently with a brief theatrical run starting Nov. 12 and an airing on Turner Network Television (TNT) at 8 p.m. Nov. 28.

Convex also wants to use the disposable platform to enable new mass-market distribution of studio movie and game content as well as original product premieres on Flexplay.

Noel will be available exclusively from Amazon.com for $4.99. Customers can preorder the title starting today, with orders expected to ship around the third week of November. Convex will leverage its LidRock — CDs and DVDs that double as fountain drink lids — and HowStuffWorks to market Noel. It will join TNT, Amazon.com and 1800Cheapseats in an integrated promotional.

The company plans to distribute millions of LidRock interactive CD-ROMs featuring exclusive Noel footage on drinks at more than 500 theaters nationwide; an on-air promotional campaign on TNT; and a combination online and grassroots campaign by 1800Cheapseats.com, with a copy of Noel on Flexplay offered to anyone who purchases an airline ticket during the holidays.

“We have focused on creating a marketing and distribution plan that complemented the innovative nature of our overall effort,” said Dan Adler, chief strategic officer of The Convex Group. “It's been an excellent example of a wide range of partners, on both the creative and business sides, coming together on an accelerated timeframe to drive an outside-the-box approach to releasing a film and ensuring that the broadest possible audience has the opportunity to be reached by its heartwarming message.”

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