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Convergence Keeps Coming

11 Oct, 2004 By: Kurt Indvik

Microsoft last week unveiled its MSN TV 2 Internet and media player, a broadband- and home-network-enabled device that will deliver the MSN TV service — which includes Windows Media-compatible music, video and photos — to TVs from the Web or from networked home PCs. The box won't be able to play downloadable movies from legit services such as Movielink or Cinemanow, at least not until mid 2005. It's priced at $199.95 and comes with wireless keyboard.

Meanwhile, entertainment PCs are reportedly expected to make their debut this week from Hewlett-Packard and Fujitsu. These new decks, priced at less than $1,000 each and using Intel technology developed for applications between the TV and PC, are expected to allow users to not only listen to or view stored media content from their PC, but also download media from the Internet, and burn CDs and DVDs.

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