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Consummate Edison DVD Set From Kino

24 Feb, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Edison helped create the modern studio.

The average reader probably appreciates Thomas A. Edison for the invention of the light bulb, but few people realize his hand in the movies.

Now, Kino on Video and the film department of The Museum of Modern Art Feb. 22 will release on DVD Edison: The Invention of the Movies ($99.95). The four-disc boxed set features 140 digitally remastered films Edison produced from 1891 through 1918, and more than 200 scanned artifacts, including film stills, scripts, interoffice memos and promotions.

The collection also includes program notes from noted Edison movie expert Charles Musser, in addition to two hours of interviews with other film archivists.

“More than 80 percent of the material has not been available on DVD before,” said Rodrigo Brandao, director of publicity with Kino. “He not only invented the [movie] camera, but in a sense, the cinema industry itself.”

Edison stayed largely behind the scenes as a technical producer, giving directors Alan Crosland (The Jazz Singer, The Great Impersonation) and eccentric actor, director Erich von Stroheim (Greed, Sunset Boulevard) their starts.

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