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Consumer Electronics Seek Wireless Connection Standards

24 Jul, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Motorola Inc., Samsung Electronics, Sony Corp., Sharp Corp., Amimon Inc., and Hitachi have banded to form a standards group for the delivery of wireless high-definition video and audio.

Using Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) technology, the companies aim to have set standards for using one source to deliver 1080p video to many HDTVs in one household. The key for the companies, they said in a press release, is making sure every high-def piece of hardware — TVs, players, PCs and game consoles — will talk to each other smoothly.

“WHDI technology complements other wireless and wired standards with a new class of connectivity within the home,” said Dr. David Lee, the founder of the HDMI standard and a member of Amimon's board of directors. “WHDI's connectivity matrix introduces to consumers new possibilities to enjoy their high-definition entertainment network.”

Added Dr. Paul Moroney of Motorola, “This new standard will help ensure optimal video delivery in the home. WHDI delivers the robust performance that wireless connections must have to meet and exceed consumer demands.”

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