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Consumer Appetite for Moble TV Programming Grows

7 Nov, 2005 By: Holly J. Wagner

Consumers are showing early, promising demand for watching TV programming via the Internet on PCs, portable players and mobile phones, according to new research from Points North Group and Horowitz Associates, Inc.

In a survey of more than 1,000 online users, 20 percent of online consumers say they watch news videos on the Internet three or four times a week. More than 10 percent view movie previews, TV shows, music videos and sport segments as often.

More than 25 percent of those surveyed express strong interest in watching regular TV shows on their PCs, and more than 15 percent express high interest in viewing TV programs, movies and live newscasts on mobile devices.

"Consumers are developing a taste for video everywhere. A core of early adopters wants TV content unlocked from their TVs," said Points North contributing analyst Craig Leddy.

But significant revenue from on-demand fees, content licensing or ad sponsorships is still a ways off, he said. "For every consumer who showed strong interest in getting TV everywhere, there are two or three who currently have little or no interest at all. The challenge is to grow this beyond a niche business," he said.

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