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Component Maker More Than Doubles DVD Loader Production

24 Jul, 2002 By: Hive News

Digital Video Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of DVD loaders and other DVD-based products, is keeping its Shanghai factory is on a round-the-clock production schedule.

In a hint of pending holiday demand, workers at the Shanghai factory are assembling DVD loaders in two, 10-hour shifts with four hours set aside each day for service and maintenance. At this run rate the factory, which was originally designed for a capacity of 300,000 loaders per month, is expected to produce approximately 500,000 loaders per month from July through November.

In addition, the factory is on track to produce over 4 million loaders this year compared to the approximately 1.58 million loaders produced during 2001.

The Shanghai factory is owned by Shanghai Fangyuan Digital Technology Ltd., a joint venture 51 percent owned by the company's Korean subsidiary, 10 percent owned directly by the American parent and 39 percent owned by the Shanghai Industrial Investment Group. The factory is managed by the Korean subsidiary.

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