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Company Takes Product Placement to DVD

9 May, 2003 By: David Ward

Looking to help studios squeeze even more revenue out of their product placement deals, Bay area-based technology company Delivery Agent has introduced a new program that enables consumers to purchase products seen in their favorite theatrical films and home videos.

The first home video title to feature Delivery Agent-enabled shopping will be Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment's Charlie's Angels Superbit Deluxe, streeting May 27. The disc will include a DVD-ROM linked “Shop the Scene” feature that allows consumers to take a closer look at -- and maybe even purchase -- products similar to those used and worn by Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and others in the hit film.

Consumers will be able to buy products one of two ways: either by visiting Delivery Agent's shopcharliesangels.com Web site or by calling 866/96-ANGEL.

“Shopcharliesangels.com is a private-label destination site that has the look and feel of Sony/Columbia's Charlie's Angels site,” said Delivery Agent's Michael Fitzsimmons.

Fitzsimmons said about 15 items from the first Charlie's Angels film will be available for sale, adding that number could grow to 20 items or more in future movie deals. While some products may be licensed merchandise such as T-shirts, “our bet is really more on products ‘as seen in,’ Fitzsimmons said, adding a good example would be sunglasses worn by a film's star.

Future DVDs could even include a dedicated page on the film's menu with information on items from the film that are for sale.

With movies such as Minority Report reportedly getting as much as $25 million in product placement revenue, Hollywood is looking to do all they can to keep these branded advertising partners happy.

Delivery Agent has enlisted the support of former Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment executive Paul Culberg for help with the studios, and Fitzsimmons suggested that initial interest has been strong.

“They all love the incremental revenue, they want to offer more to their consumers and they all have product placement partners and they want to create more value for those partners,” he said.

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