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Company Sells Video Vending Machines on TV

17 Nov, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

As video vending machines get a toehold in the United States, American Entertainment Distributors seems to be the first company to advertise its Box Office Express business opportunity on television.

The company began direct marketing its Italian-made machines via DirecTV and Dish Network early this month. According to the company, the machines feature an Internet-accessible reservations system, the ability to vend 353 VHS as well as 706 DVDs and capacity for rental or sellthrough. Owners can set rental and late fees. “You will be directly involved in the evolution of entertainment rentals in this country,” is the promise on the company's hold recording.

For a $28,000 investment plus shipping and handling, the company promises to help the investor find an appropriate location, work with the site owner to get the space, install the machine and provide tech support. The company also acts as a distributor to those who buy machines, although a salesman said buyers are not obligated to get their product from American Entertainment.

The company offers discounts for multiple machines: two for $53,000, three for $76,500, four for $98,000 and five for $117,500. One new twist: The company offers an outdoor, drive-up kiosk. The company's Web site is www.aed1.com.

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