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'Commander in Chief' Elected to DVD

1 Jul, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Geena Davis just felt “presidential” while filming the now-canceled ABC drama “Commander in Chief.”

The show hit DVD recently with Buena Vista Home Entertainment's two-disc set Commander in Chief: The Inaugural Edition — Part One.

The set includes the first 10 episodes of the first TV series ever to feature a woman in the role of U.S. President. Episodes 11 to 18 will appear in Part Two, a two-DVD set ($29.99) that streets Sept. 5 (prebook July 11).

The careful scripts and elaborate sets that mirror the real White House made it easy to step into those massive metaphorical shoes, Davis said at a cocktail party in Los Angeles celebrating the DVD release.

Davis said she knew the show was something special from the get-go.

“The pilot was so well written; it really gave me a road map for how I wanted to play the character,” she said. Davis said she used to call her father after the episodes aired to get his take on the fine balance between compassion and toughness she tried to instill in the character.

Davis' presidential alter ego, Mackenzie Allen, was an independent, and some of her political sensibilities rubbed off, the actress said.

“But we all sort of decided from the beginning that [the show] wasn't going to be a lovefest for our agendas,” she said.

The show was canceled recently, but President Allen may not be gone for good. Davis said she's glad the show is getting a DVD release. And she is definitely up for more of the role, perhaps in a two-hour made-for-TV movie that is in discussion.

That would wrap up a few plot lines and maybe even pique renewed interest, she said.

“My secret hope — and nothing's been written yet — is that it would raise more questions than it answers, leave it open,” she said.

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