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Comcast Tests Home Networking Techonology

9 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

Comcast Corp., Broadcom Corp. and Ucentric Systems today announced plans for a joint trial in Philadelphia that uses cable television in-home coaxial infrastructure and Home Phone line Networking Alliance (HomePNA) technology to create a home networking solution capable of delivering robust multimedia traffic and services.

"We view HomePNA over coax as a significant development in home media distribution for cable operators. We now have a cost-efficient, standards-based solution with enough bandwidth to run advanced video solutions," said Ucentric CEO Michael Collette. "Using existing coaxial cable in the home, operators can offer consumers new, advanced services such as Multi-TV Personal Video Recording (PVR), which offers new consumer benefits and eliminates the need to purchase separate PVR boxes for each television. Working with a known medium like coax also significantly eases the deployment process at the system level."

The HomePNA standard has historically used telephone lines to create home networks and is being extended to coax. The trial is an important step in validating the application of HomePNA to networking over coaxial applications, the companies claim.

"Comcast is committed to providing its customers with the best services and technologies. High-quality, cost-effective home digital media distribution that is simple to work with in the field will provide the basis for deployment of advanced services to consumers,” said Steve Craddock, Comcast SVP of New Media Development. “The depth of experience and expertise that Broadcom and Ucentric bring is a tremendous asset as we continue our commitment to the most innovative developments in digital home entertainment.”

"We are pleased to be working with Comcast and Ucentric to demonstrate today the promise of IP-based distribution of video throughout the home. Broadcom's iLine32 HomePNA over coax solution is reliable, predictable and cost-effective, vital attributes as service providers like Comcast look to reach multiple rooms in customers' homes with advanced, on-demand services, such as Multi-TV PVR," said Tim Lindenfelser, VP and GM of Broadcom's Broadband Communications Business Unit.

Ucentric and Broadcom will demonstrate Multi-TV PVR delivered using HomePNA over coax at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC2002) in Amsterdam, Sept. 13 to 17.

This is the second Comcast and Ucentric trial. The first Ucentric software trial was announced in October 2001 and is ongoing. HomePNA over coax brings a reliable and cost-effective technology to the 'whole-home' entertainment service offering.

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