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Columbia TriStar to Become Sony

11 Nov, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is changing its name to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment starting with the Nov. 30 release of Spider-Man 2 on DVD.

“We've been studying this for a while, and we've been planning this for a while,” said Benjamin Feingold, president of the newly-dubbed Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE). “The best timing in the world is with Spider-Man 2 as Spider-Man is the biggest Sony Pictures franchise.”

The name change and new logo will be reflected on Spider-Man 2 packaging.

The name change leverages for the home entertainment arm the widely recognized and respected Sony brand name both domestically and in international markets, Feingold said.

“Sony is known as a great brand in high technology, and we think [that name] is great for packaged media as well,” he said.

The home entertainment group is celebrating its 25th anniversary and a shift from an analog to a digital world, which makes the name change even more timely, Feingold said.

“All of the new releases after the year end will have not only the new logo on the packaging, but also a new animated logo in front of the movie,” Feingold said.

The studio also will still continue to represent the Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, Revolution Studios and third-party suppliers with logos on home entertainment product, he said.

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