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ClearPlay Technology Challenged

2 Jun, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

A Florida company has accused ClearPlay Technologies of infringing its patents on technology that filters out sex, violence or other material deemed objectionable in DVDs.

The lawsuit alleges ClearPlay-enabled DVD players and the company's software infringe on patents Nissim Corp. of Boca Raton holds. Nissim contends the products violate its patents on “multiple features … incorporated into all consumer electronic products capable of playing Digital Versatile Discs.”

The company claims it provided ClearPlay executives with a demonstration copy of its CustomPlay product in 2000.

ClearPlay, already the subject of copyright lawsuits by movie and TV studios and the Directors Guild of America, has made headlines recently because of hearings on Capitol Hill in which a powerful legislator is urging those parties to reach a settlement or face legislation that would end the case.

“We are very comfortable that we don't infringe on Nissim, and ClearPlay will aggressively defend its intellectual property against Nissim and any other challengers,” said ClearPlay CEO Bill Aho.

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