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Clean Slate

1 Aug, 2006 By: Holly J. Wagner

Two of the four companies that a federal judge ordered to stop offering edited movies are going out of business and have settled with the directors and studios.

CleanFilms and Clean Flicks still have Web sites, but both are holding “going out of business” sales through the end of August.

"While we thought very strongly about appealing the decision, the potential costs and risks to the company, its customers and shareholders was just too great. Accordingly, we have agreed to close our doors after a brief winding-up period," Clean Films CEO Ken Roberts wrote in a letter to the company's customers.

Customers will be able to rent and buy existing edited films through the end of the month, but Roberts' letter offered this caveat: “You can of course keep any edited DVDs you purchased from our company before the end of August 2006; however, you should be aware that in light of the judge's decision, you could be potentially liable for copyright infringement if you duplicate or sell your copies of these DVDs.”

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