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Circuit City Expands Training Deal

19 Mar, 2002 By: Hive News

Electronics retailer Circuit City has renewed a contract with e-learning training provider DigitalThink, Inc. for three years.

"DigitalThink e-learning is a key part of our strategy to increase sales per sales counselor, decrease turnover and increase customer satisfaction," said Jeffrey S. Wells, SVP for human resources for Circuit City Stores. "As we move rapidly to a learning culture, where learning equals earning, our employee satisfaction is also increasing. DigitalThink has allowed us to better arm our employees with knowledge and skills while cutting the time they spend in training by more than 50 percent."

This second expansion of the original, February 2000 contract between the two companies highlights a trend toward add-on business with existing customers. With it, Circuit City is making an investment in the complete DigitalThink e-learning solution, including catalog and custom courseware, e-briefings and the DigitalThink E-Learning Platform.

"Circuit City is a model of well conceived, highly strategic, perfectly executed e-learning," said Jon Madonna, president and CEO of DigitalThink. "By leveraging the complete DigitalThink solution, Circuit City is able ... drive sales and improve customer satisfaction. DigitalThink is empowering Circuit City to quantify and measure the business impact of e-learning."

To date, 90,000 Circuit City employees have enrolled in more than 1.8 million DigitalThink courses, far exceeding Circuit City's expectations.

"In the two years since our strategic partnership with DigitalThink began, we've collaboratively developed more than 110 online courses," said Wells. "Our sales counselors find the e-learning extremely engaging. Completion rates are very high, and in the month of December alone, our sales counselors hit DigitalThink's site more than six million times."

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