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CinemaPop.com Offers Movie Downloads

20 Feb, 2002 By: Hive News

Kanakaris adds two-day downloads to streaming offerings.As studios get into position to offer video-on-demand services, Kanakaris today announced that it will add movie downloads to the streaming content offered at its Web site, CinemaPop.com.

The films will initially be offered on a pay-per-download basis for either $1.99 or $2.99, giving the user unlimited access to the film for two days. The service will let users choose whether to watch certain films in a streaming or downloaded format, a spokesperson said.

"We have a large number of broadband users coming to CinemaPop and AK.TV every day. Now these users can enjoy our instantly streaming movie option or, for the highest quality playback, download the movie," said CEO Alex Kanakaris. "This is another element which makes it viable to offer major films to Internet-enabled devices."

Until now, Kanakaris Wireless content has only been available in a streaming format. Streaming allows users instant access to the films with minimal buffering, providing a true ``on demand'' experience, while downloading allows for a higher quality playback -- but with a longer load time. With higher speed broadband connections allowing shorter download times for many of its users, Kanakaris Wireless will offer its users the additional method for viewing its films.

CinemaPop offers little in the way of hot new titles. A scan of offerings on the site shows mostly B titles and movies in release for decades.

Any studio providing content to Kanakaris Wireless will benefit from protection using Microsoft's Windows Media Digital Rights Manager. Viewers access the films, either streamed or downloaded, by acquiring a "key" to unlock the protected content, the spokesperson said.

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