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'Chronos' Bows in HD

17 Jan, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

While the major studios are still waiting to produce their first high-definition video discs, Goldhil Entertainment and R&B Films already have wrapped up their first high-def project, Chronos, which premiered at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week in both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats.

The classic IMAX film also will be the first commercial available release in either format, with Goldhil setting a March 14 street date, two weeks before the first HD DVD titles from Warner Home Video are slotted to arrive in stores.

Chronos is the perfect mix of compelling video and audio that consumers and manufacturers can use to benchmark the two formats,” said Goldhil COO Paul Culberg. “There's no reason the market can't enjoy the high quality provided by both HD DVD and Blu-ray.”

“We've spared no expense in making Chronos the highest-quality and most technologically advanced home entertainment product available,” added Rich Casy, president of R&B Films.

Chronos was released theatrically in 1985 and won the grand prize at the International Omnimax Film Festival. Shot entirely in time lapse, the film follows the sun's shadow and juxtaposes ancient ruins with fast-paced contemporary society, from the pyramids and rock formations in America's Southwest to urban high-rises and throngs of pedestrians crowding downtown sidewalks.

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