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'Children of Men' Director Goes Live on Amazon to Promo DVD

23 Mar, 2007 By: Jessica Wolf

Amazon.com and Universal Studios Home Entertainment are giving Children of Men fans a unique glimpse into the thought-provoking film and its intriguing director Alfonso Cuar?n.

March 26, the eve of the film's DVD release, at 6 p.m. PDT Cuar?n will interact with and answer questions from fans via a video Web cast on Amazon's “special features” site.

It's the first time Amazon has staged a live interactive event of this magnitude, though the site's “special features” portal has been offering exclusive video clips, DVD event coverage, filmmaker interviews and even Web games, for a small selection of popular titles, including Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's Rocky Balboa and Casino Royale, and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment's Prison Break: Season One and The Passion of the Christ.

“By partnering with Amazon on this innovative event, we are offering DVD consumers direct access to one of today's most acclaimed filmmakers,” said Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment. “This is a perfect example of how by continuing to aggressively harness digital technologies, we can allow audiences to play a more interactive role in shaping and enriching their own entertainment experiences.”

The Children of Men event is a step forward in Amazon's long-avowed strategy to offer customers both the opportunity for purchase and new discovery of media products, said company spokesperson Sean Sundwall.

Children of Men is uniquely suited to such an event because it is so provocative, he said.

“My assessment of the film is not that it's controversial, but that it is intriguing,” he said. “It touches on ethical issues — issues that are really moral in nature, societal in nature. I think it will evoke some well-thought-out questions from our customers.”

And it's more than just a Web chat. Fans will be able to see Cuar?n via video and ask questions via computer, which the director will choose from in real time.

Amazon already is soliciting questions for Cuar?n and, to help pique interest, Universal has released two clips from the film's DVD extra features exclusively to Amazon.

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