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Chapek Elected President of DEG

18 Apr, 2002 By: Kurt Indvik

Buena Vista Home Entertainment president Bob Chapek has been elected president of the DVD Entertainment Group (DEG).

Jeff Fink, Artisan Home Entertainment's president of sales, marketing and distribution, is the DEG's newly-elected VP/CFO.

Joining the DEG board as directors are Michael Radiloff, VP, DVD marketing, at Warner Home Video, and John Beug, VP, film, video production and marketing, at Warner Bros. Records.

“I'm looking forward to working with the existing staff, board of directors and chairman to continue on their mission of promoting DVD as a great consumer format,” Chapek told Video Store Magazine. “It's important that we methodically, rationally plan out how this industry evolves, making sure the entire industry's interests are looked after. And while we promote DVD aggressively, we need to be keeping an eye out for what new technologies are on the horizon,” Chapek said, noting a number of new DVD technologies such as blue laser in development.

Chapek has been at the helm of BVHE since 2000 and has held executive posts with the company since 1993. BVHE has been on a fast track, developing its DVD initiatives under Chapek, including its Disney DVD and Vista Series brands, and its annual major title Platinum Collection release strategy, debuted with Snow White late last year and extended this fall with a Platinum Collection release of Beauty and the Beast.

“We are fortunate to have Bob Chapek expand his role in the DVD Entertainment Group,” said Emiel N. Petrone, chairman of DEG and EVP, worldwide, for Philips Entertainment Group, in a prepared statement. “With Bob's expertise and understanding of this segment, he will be a valuable asset in our industry-wide marketing initiatives taking DVD to the next step.”

New DEG CFO Fink is a 20-year veteran of the home video business with such companies as HBO Home Video and MCA Distributing. He joined Artisan in 1994 and helped pioneer the company's entrance into DVD in 1996.

New DEG board member Beug helped Warner Bros. Records be one of the first in the marketplace with DVD music videos. He will serve as chair of the association's DVD-Audio Executive Committee. Warner Home Video's Radiloff assumes WHV's seat on the board left vacant from past DEG president Stephen Nickerson.

DEG was founded in 1997 at the outset of the marketplace introduction of DVD technology. The group's stated mission is to promote consumer awareness of the benefits of DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and DVD-ROM-based games, and to be a clearinghouse of information about DVD software and hardware advancements.

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