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Chan is Back With an Online Push

1 May, 2006 By: John Latchem

Even in his 50s, Jackie Chan shows no signs of letting up.

After stamping countless action films with his unique brand of martial arts stunt work, including four “Police Story” films from 1985 to 1996, Chan has returned to his roots with New Police Story. The film was a hit in Hong Kong and debuts in the United States May 16 with a $26.98 DVD from Lionsgate.

New Police Story is a new take on Chan's inspector character that doesn't necessarily tie in with the original series. Chan still does his own stunts and dubs his character's voice for the English-language track.

As a reflection on the changing times, Lionsgate is turning to the video game community to promote the film.

In addition to core Chan fans, Tim Pruitt, brand manager for Lionsgate, said the key demographic for this film is male action fans ages 18-34, anime fans and younger video game players.

“Kind of like a Spike TV crowd,” Pruitt said.

Lionsgate is hoping to capitalize on Internet gaming by placing the movie's trailer at strategic points in a number of role-playing games, such as Anarchy Online, Planetside, Tony Hawk, Matrix Online, SWAT 4, MLB, Nightwatch, Rainbow Six 4, And 1 Streetball, True Crime: NYC and 25 to Live.

Pruitt said the gaming angle was a natural fit for the film, which features a gang that engages in extreme sports and makes video games of their exploits.

“We're really going after the younger male demographic — who are into gaming, extreme action sports and anime — and doing it in a really targeted way,” Pruitt said.

Additionally, Pruitt said he hopes Chan can help promote the film with interviews and online chats.

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