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CES Panel Ponders VOD

15 Jan, 2004 By: Stephanie Prange

Panelists noted progress and pitfalls in digital distribution of movies during the “Movie Distribution and the Broadband Timeline” seminar at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Panelists included Curt Marvis, CEO, CinemaNow; and Tyler Goldman, VP of business development, Movielink, among others.

Digital distribution of movies will “finally be coming to fruition in the mid-part of this decade,” said CinemaNow's Marvis.

Many of the panelists said that the Internet rather than cable company delivery of movies is in a better position to succeed. Roadblocks to digital delivery include copyright issues and consumer ease of use, panelists said.

“Consumers are going to have a large amount to say” in how VOD develops, said Movielink's Goldman. “Content selection is really important.”

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