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From Center Stage to Center Court

18 Aug, 2004 By: Dan Bennett

Kultur Video, known 25 years for its array of performance and cultural titles, expands its horizons with the launch of its SRO Sports label.

The label kicks off Aug. 31 with the release of The Official 2004 Wimbledon (DVD $24.95), the first-ever official Wimbledon DVD title, which covers the final two weeks of the tournament, culminating in the victory of Maria Sharapova.

“We were looking at expanding our product lines and also maintaining the standard of excellence our titles are known for,” said Pete Castro, national director of sales and marketing for Kultur.

The label promises SRO Sports will showcase world-class sports programming, including championships and documentaries.

Also coming are Legends of Wimbledon: John McEnroe; Legends of Wimbledon: Bjorn Borg; Wimbledon 1980 Final: Borg vs. McEnroe and Wimbledon 1982 Final: Borg vs. McEnroe (DVD $14.95 each).

SRO Sports releases three baseball documentaries on DVD Sept. 28: The Brooklyn Dodgers: Dem Bums; The New York Mets: The Greatest Season, 1969 World Champions; and The New York Yankees: Dynasty ($12.95 each).

“In October, we'll have a ballet workout title and two yoga-during-pregnancy titles,” Castro said. “We'll stay eclectic. Kultur has some experience in the sports area with our Duke USA auto-racing titles, so we have many of our channels already long in place.”

SRO Sports will average two or three titles a month, he said.

“Our sports titles will involve a different distribution line than our performance titles,” Castro said. “Our staff is highly experienced in these areas, and that experience will help us get SRO Sports out there.”

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