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CEA Reports 11 Percent Increase in Electronics Sales

5 Jan, 2005 By: Lyndsey Shinoda

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reported that manufacturer-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics would achieve a record-high of $125.7 billion in 2005. This marks an 11 percent increase over the $113.5 billion sold in 2004, according to the CEA's bi-annual U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales and Forecasts report.

The report was released by CEA director of industry analysis Sean Wargo at this year's International CES in Las Vegas.

The report also showed that in the video category, digital television (DTV) was at the head of the pack in 2004, with total sales of DTV products reaching $10.7 billion on 7.3 million units, an increase of 78 percent in dollar sales and 63 percent in unit sales over 2003 numbers. DTV sales were driven by flat-panel, ultra-thin units (LCD and plasma). Total sales of LCD TVs (both analog and digital) reached $2 billion in 2004 and are projected to exceed $3 billion in 2005.

“These numbers reflect that consumer electronics is a hot industry,” said CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro. “Consumer electronics sales continue to surpass our expectations and break existing records year after year, because this is an ever-changing industry that delivers innovative products that enhance consumers' lives. American consumers love consumer electronics products. That passion is reflected in the continued sales growth of our industry.”

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