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CEA: Consumer Awareness of Digital TV Up

7 Feb, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

With a federally mandated switch from analog to digital over-the-air television transmissions about a year away, consumer awareness of digital TV has increased 80% since 2006, according to a survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Broadcasters are slated to discontinue over-the-air analog TV transmissions Feb. 19, 2009.

The results indicated that 72% of respondents learned of the transition via TV, 39% from friends and family and 26% from the Internet.

“The digital television transition is on time, on track and consumers understand that it is coming next year,” said Jason Oxman, VP of communications and member relations for CEA. “Our survey results show the joint educational efforts of the government and the private sector are working and the digital transition will be a success.”

The report differs from a similar study released last week by Consumer Reports that found 74% of consumers remain confused about their options and 61% are completely unaware of the pending transfer.

The CEA said a survey indicated that about 13 million, or 11% of U.S. television households will require a converter box for their over-the-air analog transmissions.

The National Telecommunication and Information Administration in January began offering free converter coupons to eligible households.

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