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CBS: Broadband Homes Watch More TV

4 Jan, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

A new CBS Corp. study has found that as more U.S. households acquire both high-speed broadband Internet access and a digital television, interest in primetime network programming increases.

The study, conducted by CBS Research, found that the number of “fully connected” households increased to more than 30% in the fall of 2006 compared to 22% in 2005.

Those households were determined more likely to browse network Web sites, and stream clips and full episodes of network programming, according to the study.

About 56% of respondents knew they could watch network TV streams over the Internet, and 46% of that group had already streamed at least one program.

About 62% of respondents unaware of the streaming option said they would stream at least one of 33 available CBS programs on the Web.

“This data clearly show a correlation between connectivity and primetime television viewing,” said David Poltrack, chief research officer with CBS Corp. “Consumers who embrace the new media are the heaviest viewers of the top network primetime programs, and this sector of the audience is growing.”

Finally, the survey found that less than 30% of respondents were aware of the 2009 deadline for broadcasters to switch to full digital transmissions. Of that group, 50% had bought a digital TV and another 30% planned to.

About 40% of respondents not aware of the 2009 deadline said they would upgrade to a digital TV before 2009.

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