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Carl Reiner Accepts TV DVD Lifetime Achievement Award

20 Oct, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

LOS ANGELES — “Every time someone offers me an award, I grab it,” joked Carl Reiner as he accepted the first TV DVD Lifetime Achievement Award yesterday at the second annual TV DVD Conference.

The conference was sponsored by Video Store Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group.

Reiner reminisced about his early days in the TV industry — about losing his first Emmy nomination, about creating “The Dick Van Dyke Show” based on his life and as a vehicle for himself. He also joked about joining with Sheldon Leonard (executive producer) to get the show picked up after the original pilot was rejected.

“I was afraid to fail,” Reiner said, “But [Leonard] said, ‘You won't fail. We'll get a better actor to play you.”

And so entered Dick Van Dyke.

Reiner said mediums like DVD and programming like Nickelodeon's “Nick at Nite” series, upon which reruns of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” air regularly, make him feel immortal.

“There's a bit of immortality in making something,” he said. “And I've been made immortal by people looking at something I've made, and taking it and giving it a new life.”

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