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Canne(d) DVD

19 May, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Despite its prominent appearance in the previous two years of the festival, the DVD program was eliminated from this year's 58th Festival de Cannes film confab.

The omission comes at a time when French consumers increased their consumption of DVD movies 39 percent through March, according to the Center Nationale de la Cinematographie.

A Cannes spokesperson said he wasn't sure why the festival had chosen not to recognize the technological and artistic accomplishments of select films on disc, including mastering, menus and related treatments.

Bill Bromiley, SVP of sales and distribution for First Look Entertainment, believed the past two years represented an introduction of the DVD format to the foreign territories, with the festival trying to get European markets up to speed with the American market.

“For most of the companies attending Cannes looking for product, one of the primary rights sought after on film titles is not theatrical, not television, but the DVD rights,” Bromiley said. “There is a genuine interest in making sure the product is right for the DVD market internationally.”

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