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Buy.com Hangs Out Its Shingle At Fandango

17 Sep, 2002 By: Hive News

Buy.com's e-commerce spinoff, United Commerce Service Inc. (UCS) today announced a strategic marketing alliance with remote movie ticketing company Fandango Inc. and Buy.com

"Our alliance with UCS/Buy.com will greatly enhance the Fandango experience and add an entirely new dimension to the visit,” said Art Levitt, president and CEO of Fandango. "Out of the 1.3 million SKUs of Buy.com's entertainment product offerings, 300,000 are in the music, DVD and video categories, giving our moviegoers a tremendous variety of movie-related products at low prices, all conveniently located within the trusted content of Fandango."

UCS, which created the online retail solutions technology powering Buy.com, will provide a co-branded Buy.com Store for Fandango visitors, offering more than 1.3 million SKUs in six categories including music, videos, DVDs, games, books and magazines.

Under the terms of the agreement, UCS will manage Buy.com's inventory, fulfillment, site content, customer service, Web site hosting and e-mail marketing for the co-branded site. Through UCS's proprietary, Web-based reporting interface, Fandango will also be supplied with real-time sales, click-throughs and conversion rates.

In the last year, Fandango has emerged as the market leader in remote movie ticketing, offering advance tickets for 7,300 screens at more than 600 theaters. Moviegoers buying advance tickets at fandango.com can also get nationwide show times, movie reviews and trailers.

Since last year, the company has rolled out print-at-home ticketing, now available in 40 cities across the country and is testing innovations such as express theatre and concession lines. Moviegoers can also purchase advance tickets through Fandango's voice recognition service by calling 800/555-TELL and saying "movies."

"Fandango's audience is the perfect fit for the UCS/Buy.com offering," said Scott Blum, founder and CEO of UCS. "Buy.com is best known for its computer and consumer electronics products, but what many shoppers do not realize is that Buy.com is also the premier destination for entertainment products, so offering the latest DVD, movie soundtrack or game to the Fandango audience makes perfect sense."

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