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Buena Vista Opens the Vaults for DVD

11 Jan, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Get ready for DVD lovers to beef up their collections with a slew of DVD debuts and permanent price reductions from Buena Vista Home Entertainment's Movie Showcase 2003.

The series features a slate of live-action titles timed for monthly release throughout the year.

This is the second year of Buena Vista's Movie Showcase program, which offers retailers monthly and seasonal promotional materials to highlight the new and newly reduced titles in the pipeline throughout the year.

“We've created displays that are themed to some of the big events happening during the year,” said Lori MacPherson, VP of marketing, live action. “We've got Valentine's Day displays, Academy Awards, and we're going to have Father's Day-themed displays as well as others. We've tried to create some really turnkey promotions that retailers can initiate at the store level.”

The list of new Buena Vista titles to hit DVD or hit their lowest price ever this year through Movie Showcase 2003 is long and distinguished. January will see the DVD debuts of The Absent-Minded Professor and The Apple Dumpling Gang at $19.99 each; the $14.99 repricing of Like Water for Chocolate, Three Fugitives, What's Love Got to Do With It and the three “Air Bud” movies; and DVD favorites like Am?lie, Armageddon, Bridget Jones' Diary, Pretty Woman 10th Anniversary Edition and Remember the Titans dropping to $19.99 each -- their lowest suggested retail price ever.

MacPherson said the studio has tapped its deep catalog with an eye toward meeting the needs of new DVD owners out to build libraries, as well as providing more selection for longtime DVD lovers.

“The fact that consumers have adopted DVD technology so quickly and the fact that DVD consumers are buying so much DVD -- that's creating a great new opportunity for catalog, and we wanted to seize on the opportunity by creating a consistent flow of product with such a great number and breadth of product,” she said.

As for DVD debuts of some old-school classics, MacPherson said the supplier paid close attention to feedback from consumers through Web sites like Disneyvideos.com.

“We've really taken that feedback into account with some of the catalog titles we are releasing for the first time on DVD this year,” she said.

Typically, SRPs for Buena Vista new releases are on the high end, still in the $25-$30 range, but these price drops reflect an evolution in the supplier's release strategy, MacPherson said.

“As time has gone on, we've gotten much more aggressive in terms of the number of titles that we've released, and we've also gotten more aggressive with pricing,” she said.

For a complete list of the titles by month in Buena Vista's Movie Showcase 2003, log onto Hive4media.com.

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