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Buena Vista Claims 15 Million ‘Nemo' DVDs Sold and New Record

17 Nov, 2003 By: Kurt Indvik

Finding Nemo has sold 15 million DVDs within its first 14 days of release in the North American market (United States and Canada), Buena Vista Home Entertainment claims. That would make it the top-selling DVD of all time, according to Buena Vista. The studios announced total video unit sales of 20 million, making DVD's share of the sales pie 75 percent.

No figures were immediately available as to what Canada's share of Nemo sales was. Typically, Canada accounts for at least 5 percent of North American sales of home video, according to Video Store Magazine market research. That would put Nemo's U.S. DVD sales at approximately 14.3 million.

Columbia TriStar's Spider-Man has sold some 12.65 million DVDs in the United States, according to Video Store Magazine market research. New Line Home Entertainment's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring has sold 12.2 million DVDs in the United States (not including extended versions or gift sets), according to VSM market research.

The two-disc set, priced at $29.99 ($24.99 on VHS), had set a record 8 million unit sales in its first day on retail shelves, and studio executives were having to move quickly to keep pipelines full as retailers quickly began eating into the 25 million units shipped initially.

“When you have a title like this that does that well early on, you continually re-forecast your numbers, but Nemo just continues to surpass our expectations,” said an enthusiastic Bob Chapek, president of Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

“Relative to the [sales] decay we would have expected, we're pleasantly surprised by the continued demand and expect this title to continue on through the holidays and get up into the nosebleed heights kind of numbers,” Chapek added.

Chapek said the marketing efforts for Nemo have remained consistent with the initial plan pushing into the holidays, and the studio “moved some production capacity around” to keep retailers in stock, except for some spotty areas of shortage, he said.

Sales have been strong across all retail channels, Chapek said, and after initial pricing erosion, retail prices have climbed back to generally MAP levels or higher, he said.

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