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British Film Financiers Explore Merger

27 Mar, 2002 By: Hive News

Viastar Holdings Inc has entered negotiations to merge with Montage Media and Capital, Ltd. headquartered in London, UK with offices being established in Los Angeles.

Montage is a media financing company specializing in film financing to U.S. studios, distributors, independent producers and sales agents.

Mointage head Graham Bradstreet is working on financing for Parallel Pictures, Katselas Films, Aeon Media, "a major U.S. studio" and various independent projects and some electronic game companies.

Bradstreet has also raised in excess of $1 billion of insurance-backed film financing, contributing to budgets in excess of $3 billion covering approximately 100 films/motion pictures, a spokesperson said.

Past clients have included Paramount, MGM/UA, Franchise Pictures, Phoenix Pictures and Mandalay, while participating banks have included Chase Manhattan, Societe Generale, Imperial and Silicon Valley Bank.

Montage is structuring to develop, produce, and distribute film productions through a separate entity called Aeon Media Limited. Aeon intends to finance the development, production and distribution for 19 films over an initial three-year period and is in negotiations to raise in excess of $150 million as equity to launch its initial productions.

Viastar Holdings is a publicly traded company that is developing portfolio companies in the media and entertainment fields. Viastar is dedicated to developing and expanding on entertainment and media-related business properties using traditional business models by enhancing their development with vision and new technologies. Its operating companies will be organized into business segments such as movie production, broadcasting, communication and marketing, creating a multifaceted presence, the spokesperson said.

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