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'Break-Up' A Showcase for 'Swingers'

9 Jun, 2006 By: Fred Topel

Fans of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau's Swingers banter will love their work in The Break-Up.

As Vaughn's best friend, Favreau gives him the worst relationship advice in the film. Since they are well versed at improv comedy, many of their scenes exist in different versions that could be available as bonus material on the DVD.

“We rolled two cameras on them and just kind of let them go,” producer Peter Billingsly said. “There is a lot of bonus stuff [that could be] on the DVD that might not make a lot of sense, but it's pretty fun to watch.”

The final moment has Favreau's character suggesting they hire a professional killer to go after Vaughn's ex. In each take, Favreau said, he delivered different inappropriate advice. “There were others, I think, that will be on the DVD where we go very different places,” Favreau said. “But I knew that I didn't want it to be, ‘Hey, I'm glad you learned your lesson. Time to move on. You still have you, and that's all that matters.’

Basically, Favreau said, he and Vaughn sing the same tune. “What's fun about playing with Vince is, he and I have such a great rhythm together,” he said. “It's almost like playing jazz with another musician you work with a lot.”

The Break-Up crew also filmed multiple endings, parts of which may appear on the DVD. The theatrical ending has Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston encountering each other on the streets of Chicago months later. Previous versions had each character walking with new significant others, but Vaughn felt the film's message would be more clear if the characters remained single.

“The ending that we ended up shooting is exactly like the ending we shot originally, just a better version,” Vaughn said. “We realized what the journey was and how these characters were changed by their action. [It was] not so much about ‘Will they or won't they?' and more about ‘If they do, it would probably go very well, because they definitely, you can tell, learned their lessons. And if they don't, there's still a great love and thankfulness there for each other.’

Director Peyton Reed is considering an extra feature that would analyze the alternate endings without showing the original one in its entirety.

Reed also suggested the possibility of extended and deleted scenes, plus behind-the-scenes footage of Vaughn and Favreau's improvisation.

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