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Borders Uncovers DVD Essentials

4 Jun, 2002 By: Hive News

Borders Books and Music has opened the book on its new DVD Essentials program designed to inspire customers to collect DVDs or enhance their DVD collections.

Borders multimedia buyers chose 207 DVD Essentials titles based on award-winning or critically acclaimed content, DVD extras not available on VHS and popularity among Borders customers. Every month Borders will feature 20 of the DVDs on the list in the DVD section of the store.

"Borders DVD Essentials program offers customers the end-all-be-all list for DVD collecting," said Len Cosimano, VP of multimedia for Borders. "Our buyers have chosen movie titles appealing to every taste and we've made sure our customers can easily find them in section or at the information desk in a newly produced catalogue of movie titles with photos. For avid fans of the DVD format, collectors cards will also be available that include a checklist."

Some of the movies featured in June include The Matrix, The French Connection, " Fight Club, Gettysburg and "Independence Day. DVD Essentials titles are denoted with a special label on the case.

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