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Borders Kiosks Allow Customers to Check Other Stores

4 Mar, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Borders customers who can't find a particular book, CD or DVD they want can now use the company's in-store Title Sleuth kiosks to check and see if they can get it at another location. The information desk can call and place the item on hold for the customer to pick up.

This new "Check Other Stores" Title Sleuth option not only provides a customer service, but is also a way to leverage regional inventories and maximize store profitability, Tami Heim, president of Borders and Borders.com said in a statement about the new feature.

According to the company, approximately 1.6 million customers used Title Sleuth to search for product in Borders stores last year.

Borders has thousands of Title Sleuth Kiosks in its stores across the country. The computer display allows customers to look up a title, then provides a map of the store, showing shoppers how to find their chosen book, CD or movie. The system also includes access to local event listings, title reviews and recommendations.

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